Зайо Байо и другите еротични животни..or welcome to the Homepage of Julian Pastarmov
(if you wonder what is written there or why it is written there you might consult the "my friends" section of this web page")

I am glad to welcome you on my very own place in the WWW. This page would try (well I am not really born writer and I don't like typing long loony stories) to present you some recent information for me and my friends.

OK enough non-sense! Now some info 'bout the page. It has the following sections.

  • About me - No comment

  • Curriculum vitae - Short list of my glorious life

  • Projects - The projects I have been working at (hobby or/and job)

  • Contact me - Detail of how to get in contact with me

  • My friends - Short and for sure not full list of my friends. If someone does not find herself/himself there it doesn't mean she/he isn't my friend . It only means I have been stupid enough to forget to put her/him in. :-)

  • Phun stuff - things that make me lough/cry :) or nice things to think of 8-)

Well I will finish this first page here and let you at last start browsing the real content of this page...

"Let the Shworz be with you!" (1989 "Space Balls")
"Кво се спекохте бе?! А, честита Баба Марта!" (Kekca - Cake)
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